10 Fun facts about Qatar

This weekend will see the opening of the world motocross championship from Qatar in the middle east. What makes this race different is the event will run at night due to the heat, but what else can the riders and industry folk expect on their opening trip of the season?

Some of these facts are made up for fun so don't believe everything we say.

1/ The Qatari's favourite food is roast camel, by all accounts roasted on a BBQ is the best option.

2/ The capital of Qatar is Doha. If the guys are expecting a city full of strip clubs and bars - think again.

3/ The average age a Qatari citizen lives too is 97. According to local reports it's because of the roast camel.

4/ The worlds best airline is Qatar Airways.

5/ It is more expensive to buy a Macdonalds than to fill up your car.

6/ Men in Qatar are capable of rotating their heads 360 degrees on the sighting of women.

7/ Qatar became independent from Britain in 1971 and Independence Day is celebrated on 3rd September each year.

8/ It is NOT true that you must cover your body up in Qatar. You can wear a bikini at the pool or the beach, you can wear short shorts, and you are free to show off your fashion. (You just can't be naked!) You best check on this one...

9/ Many women in the Gulf, say they prefer Qatari men. They are considered to be gentle, romantic, well dressed, and completely giving. That counts out pretty much all the motocross boys then.

10/ Their working week starts on a Sunday and finishes on a Thursday.

Watch the MXGP of Qatar right HERE