Last throw of the dice before Qatar GP as riders head to Valence this weekend

Valence will this weekend attract some of the fastest Motocross riders in Europe for its International event, it is the last pre-season race before the opening Grand Prix in Qatar. For some riders it will be the first time this season that they will line up and race, and for all the teams it will be a last opportunity to check the settings of their bikes before flying to Qatar in a few days.

With the last round of the “Internazionali d’Italia” scheduled at the same date, most of the teams had to decide whether they go to France or Italy… The factory Kawasaki KRT (Paulin and Van Horebeek) and Rockstar Suzuki Geboers (Desalle and Strijbos) squads selected Valence, as well as some of the best teams involved in the GP’s: Nestaan JM Racing (Nicholls and Febvre), IceOne KTM (Boog and Gonçalves), SRT KTM (Barragan and Karro), Moto vision Honda (Leok, Dougan and Jasinokis), Rockstar Bud Kawasaki (Teillet and Lancelot), KTM Standing Construct (Coldenhoff, Rauchenecker and Graulus), JK Yamaha SKS (Pourcel and Brakke), Monster Dixon Yamaha (Desprey), Kemea Reytec Yamaha (Petrov, Fors and Brevers), Honda HDI (Soubeyras and Lacan) as well as teams Builbase Honda (Ramon and Aubin), KTM Evotech (Lenoir), Husqvarna Junior (Paturel and Herbreteau), Yamaha 2B (Potisek) or SR Suzuki (Richier, Izoird and Sallefranque).

As always there will be separate races for both classes, with two heats per class and one super final for the best MX1 and MX2 riders.

Winner in 2011 and 2012, Clement Desalle will go for a third consecutive win in Valence, against Paulin, Leok, Strijbos, Boog, Ramon, Barragan and Gonçalves. In the MX2 class Coldenhoff and Febvre were very fast in Mantova; Nicholls, Teillet, Desprey, Petrov, Lenoir and Lacan will race their first event of the season and all ready to get a great result.

An 85 class will also race in Valence, with the best French upcoming talents (including Tom Vialle, the son of former GP rider Frederic) and some good foreigners.

Action starts on Saturday with the practice sessions, and if you can’t attend the event, keeps in touch with Valence on face book ( or on the web (

The weather forecast is pretty good for the weekend (cloudy and sunny, no rain!)