MOTO Classics: Is the dominance of Cairoli, Herlings and Villopoto boring for race fans?

Way back in July 2013 we asked, "Is the dominance of Cairoli, Herlings and Villopoto boring for race fans?"

You guys posted replies to our Facebook page a little while ago with the best comments featuring in the mag, have a read and maybe add your own comment below.

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Pat Stott It's great because now my nan thinks I'm psychic when I predict who will win each round.. we get on much better.

Brett Wheeler Its not boring. In some ways its amazing to watch them 3 kill it every time they go out on there bikes. The dedication each one of them has put in is unreal. No matter the conditions injuries or outside press they get out there and get the job done. Fair play to them

Clayton Pearce Mx 2 GPS is not what it use to be herlings needs to bugger off to the states lol

Jason Gissing As a spectator you want to see the awesome battles for the lead. Bar banging, block paces and rubbing elbows. But these three talented riders who don't always get there own way, yet still manage to fight for the lead. Then extend it. Each era of racing had a dominance maybe not quite to this extent. Hats off to them. I would just like to see if they are mere mortals and lose a few.

Stefan Honey Yes it is becoming a Schumacher era. But the same happened with everts. You can't question the sheer talent of all the top riders. If the AMA guys rode on European tracks all Season they would have the same result as when the gp guys go to USA.

Jonathon Pannell *and rattray for that matter!

Jonathon Pannell Hard to say boring, but definatly dampens the race..Villapoto by far the fastest racer in the world, would like to see cairoli on a 450 as i feel the 350 is lighter with simular power so there's a slight advantage (of course its allowed) and its a shame the GP's couldnt keep hold Roczen and Musquin, we wouldnt be talking about boring GP's then!!

Shane Pay 222 would not win in AMA villapoto - Would win hands down. Look at deseale not even top 5 in AMA.

Harvey MacDonald Nothing boring about watching villopoto dominate... The main fact hear is that gp coverage is absolutely horrendous.. Watching 20 mx1 riders line up aint all that fun it's Time some1 sorts out European motocross before its to late

Cody Fiddler caroli and hearlings should race in the ama

Dave Handley In every sport there's a person or a team thats dominant, herlings is a total machine he wants to win at all costs and trains his arse off all week 2 achive it same goes for rv2 and 222 there obviously doing something no1 else is

Ray Stephens Lets look at it another way, whilst you can't knock the amazing skills and results of those 3 boys, think back to Matterly Basin last year, from a race fan perspective, MX2 was so exciting seeing Tommy's close racing with Herlings, it was fantastic. Wh...See More

Michael Chapman The dominance of the three stated riders is there pure dedication and ability, motocross is not all Down To the bike there riding. Lets take formula one for instance when Michael Schumacher dominated it wasn't all his skill and ability to why he domina...See More

Gary Wilson Top riders of the world should race each other ama and fim should combine to make it happen!

Carl Hobbs Its not boring ,if it wasnt them it would be someone else ! It down to everyone else to up there game !

Adam David Thomas After the first few laps yeah but what do you expect from the best im the world?

Kayleigh Matzen If its boring maybe they should all race eachother more

Oli Pumfrey Yes very boring. Put them on 2 strokes if they get to much of a win streak that would make it more interesting!

Gavin Jones Bit controversial but I find it confusing how RV and TC never seem to get tired and can run flat out for the full moto much like Lance Armstrong. I'm not accusing anyone but I wouldn't be surprised if PED's are being used. Even Max Nagl made comment after Leirop last year stating he can't understand how TC can be so fit. And Nagl is a machine.

Colin Bott Thanks to the 23 year old age limit herlings has lost his competition so he should walk it as its not his fault but the rule where you can only defend title in mx 2 should be kept as I'm sure he will keep the mx1 guys on there toes, as for caroli and villapoto these guys have taken the sport up a gear perhaps we should put them on 2 strokes now that would be interesting

Josh Osborne If the camera wasn't on the same guys burning laps up front, and actually went back into the pack at some of the sick battles back there, it would make it way more entertaining to watch. But it's still motocross either way, the best sport on the world. The most boring moto, is still more exiting than the best race in another series.

Graham Kirk only boring cause they aint english, if they all was we would win the nations

Dan Grove There's a reason they run the races. Any of those get injured and their dominance is soon forgotten about.

Jordan Lilley Dominance in any sport is boring, if they won all there races with a challenge right down to the wire then I don't believe it would be boring. But when those AMA chaps go on about how exciting the battle for the championship is, well the races are stil...See More

Lewis Stokes No I respect cairoli for having no ambition to go to the states like everyone seems to want to do, I want to see him get as many titles as everts if not more.

KTM Racing Not us!!

Jimmy 'jim Jam' Whomes Deseale not gonna give it all in ama coz he not fighting for ama championship.i agree tho rv is the best racer!

Jimmy 'jim Jam' Whomes There should b 1 championship a 'world' championship that is actually a world championship with top riders in the world competing in same champ and not have ama and world! Top riders 1 championship!

Jamie Berry 222 should give AMA a try be interesting.

Stephen Simpson Simo Its frustrating to see same dudes every week out front, but its what their working their butts off all week for. The racing n tracks its self are fantastic, but the presenters are boring.
Ama is far more exciting to watch!!!

Michael Anderson Think they all worked their arse's off to get to this level and you only get out what you put in!! The others need to work HARDER! Simple.

Gary Roxburgh When leaders are out front & not being challenged , camera work should be where the action is . As yes it's extremely boring watching one rider when there is plenty bar banging mid pack .

Shane Millward At least Cairoli and Villapoto have some competition at the odd race , if Herlings is as good as he thinks he should race in the MX 1 aswell perhaps !

Max Paull Boring now, but not when they all meet at mx of nations!!